Gems & Jewelry

Since a long time now, we have the most renowned Store's across the India. We have epitomized an inheritance of Jewels that depicts luxury Sovereignty, Extravagance and Competence of craftsmen. The history of Jewelry is related to an art with respect to the work of the artisans that gave a fine looking look not simply to girls however additionally to men especially in Indian culture. Adorning these priceless pieces of jewelry available at our Stores will actually increase the outlook of women and men and are created to make them look gracious. If you are Connoisseur of Gems and Jewelry, we suggest you to shop at our luxury stores and sigh for the best of collections.

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Handmade Pashminas's

A handmade pashmina is a luxurious shawl or scarf . Handmade pashminas are created through traditional weaving techniques, where skilled artisans carefully hand-weave the fibers into intricate patterns and designs.

Handmade Carpets

Handmade carpets are intricate and artistic textiles created by skilled artisans using traditional weaving techniques. These carpets are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, intricate designs, and often, a rich history behind each piece.

Gems & Jewelry

Gems and jewelry have been treasured for their beauty, rarity, and symbolic significance for centuries. They encompass a wide range of precious and semi-precious gemstones set in various types of jewelry, each with its unique appeal and value.